Spring Into Summer Starts Next Week!

Spring into summer

Are you finding yourself being pulled to the outdoors lately?  The warmer weather, sunshine, and life blooming all around makes this time of year so exciting, especially coming out of the cold, locked-down winter months.   Our upcoming 30-day challenge is an opportunity for you to develop practices to get outdoors, uplevel your fitness, and put you in the right frame of mind heading into summer.


During the 30-days you will experience ways to:


  • Implement breathing and mindfulness practices to manage stress, improve mood and renew your energy
  • Create mindful movement practices to support a healthy metabolism
  • Incorporate outdoor time to reap the vitality and well-being benefits of nature
  • Add recovery in your workouts and training to gain the results from your efforts.
  • Gain the benefits of your workouts, regardless of time through awareness, effort and efficiency.


Our body is our vehicle, which houses our spirit. How we treat our bodies is important so that we can optimize how we move, show up and live. Support yourself going into Summer 2021 by taking a least 15 minutes a day (outdoors as much as possible), 5 times a week for 30-days. Join the challenge and add a boost in your step and mood.  Indoor activities count as well, although if you can get in the outdoors rain or shine you’ll get that extra nature support.


The Spring Into Summer challenge begins Monday, April 19.  For more information, shoot us an email below, or contact Vitality Coach Lori Jorgenson directly at lori@taylorgoup.com to join in the journey.

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