Staff Grounding Practices

grounding practices


Our staff uses a variety of approaches, ancient and modern, to develop presence and awareness. If you’re feeling stressed, burnt out, or overwhelmed, try some of the practices below to bring you back and stay grounded.


When I start to get overwhelmed, I close my eyes and try to take at least 10 seconds in which I clear my mind of all thoughts, worries and to-dos, and am simply present to my breath and the peace of a clear mind. I find that if I do this even for just 10 seconds, I return to my “regularly scheduled programming” with a clearer focus and more grounded intention for the next task.

-Danielle Mason


I begin with a breathing practice (elemental breaths), then reading a passage/chapter in one of my spiritual books, then a presencing practice to clear my mind (meditation), finally I write my intention for the day and the mood I want to generate.

-Geoff Helzer


When I get stressed or stuck on something, I take a quick walk up and over the wooded hillside behind my house. I breathe, clear my mind, and just be with the sights and sounds of nature – the changing light, the crows talking to each other, the mist coming off the trees, a deer crashing through the woods as I approach. There is a whole other world in that little patch of woods, just as complex and eventful as my world of work and family. Immersing myself in it for just a few minutes resets my perspective. Instead of worrying about the future, I’m back in the present.

-Liam Mullaney


When I feel unsettled, stressed or stuck I get that sense in my body like there is a check engine light that goes on.  I know it is time to implement practices that support my whole being to bring myself back to a space of feeling more grounded and connected.  I have two favorite practices and sometimes I combine them.  One is meditating in nature.  I actually sit down on my favorite hill up the street from where I live.  It gives me an amazing view, feeling elevated and being with beauty.  Then I close my eyes, focus on my breath connecting to my body and the earth and just be.  My second favorite is actually working out in the outdoors with a walk, paddling or strength training that is low intensity, deliberate movements where I am focused on connecting to my body and nature, just being present – see the theme here?

-Lori Jorgenson


A daily walk outside, connecting with our land and saying hello to our goats, elemental breathing, and flow writing.

-Veronica Satalich


To relax, reduce anxiety I listen to music.  Music that is calming.  One specific piece is by Marconi Union called Weightless.  It’s considered one of the most relaxing pieces of music.   Another musician is Peter Kater and his piece Deuter.  If I can listen while being outside in nature, even better.  I also have a happy place that is a memory.  I was riding a horse up in Wyoming, and came up into a high meadow.  It was so quiet, peaceful, I could feel the sun shining down on me.  There was a gentle breeze that moved the leaves in aspen trees creating its own song.  It was a place that just was.

-Kathy Austin