Summer 2021 Courses Now Open

summer 2021

The warm months are always a time of renewal and reemergence, but this year holds even greater potential than usual. The past year has been one of the most painful and challenging in living memory. The pandemic has amplified trends in social, political, and economic disruption that were already unfolding. Whether we are present to it or not, we have undergone a radical shift physically, psychologically, and spiritually in the past year. The full implications of these changes have been muted by lockdowns and social distancing requirements. With a vaccine, pent-up demand, and all signs pointing to a V-shaped recovery however, post-pandemic life will soon be a reality. Do you feel ready?


Our courses will help you to see and seize all of the opportunities that are now emerging. With a full slate of Spring courses already helping participants prepare for what’s next, we’re excited to announce new dates for Summer 2021. The next few months offer a critical window to re-create your life and career. The pandemic has forced many of us to question our assumptions, change direction, and re-imagine our future. The Taylor Group’s courses can help you translate the new possibilities that have emerged from this process into action.


Starting June 22, we’ll again be offering a Community of Practice for past course participants who want to build on new skills and practices they have learned. In July we’ll be starting new sessions of both Cultivating Freedom (7/15) and Communication Lab (7/22). Hundreds of past participants have seen the benefits of these courses on their personal growth, presence as leaders, and effectiveness of their teams in the workplace. In the coming weeks, we’ll do a deeper dive into how each of these courses can help you navigate the post-pandemic reality. These courses are launching in tandem with exciting new offers in Vitality work and business coaching that we are excited to roll out soon as well.


Change is coming. In many cases, it has already arrived. Rather than be a source of pain or confusion though, Summer 2021 presents us with unprecedented opportunities to grow and thrive. Let our courses support you in recognizing and responding to this time of deep change, and emerge stronger than ever before with resilience and joy. Contact us for a conversation about which course best supports you in translating your vision into action.


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