Sustained Energy 101

sustained energy 101

The world belongs to the energetic.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson



America loves energy, and we’ll do anything to stay vital and energetic. Just look at the amount of money we spend on coffee. Starbucks has capitalized on selling energy and in turn, become an $84 billion dollar company. A quick fix, however, won’t give sustainable energy. The caffeine wears off and then it’s back to work. Here at the Taylor Group, we’ve committed ourselves to supporting our clients find energy, feel energized, and maintain that feeling through sustainable training practices, not quick-fixes. We’re exploring what that means to us through a new blog series we’re calling Sustained Energy.


The New York Times best seller, The Power of Full Engagement, highlights the point that “Every individual in the corporate body is a reservoir of potential energy”. Our mission is to support you in tapping into every source of energy in your business and life, so that both can thrive while experiencing heightened motivation, productivity, and overall quality of life. We can help our clients to increase their individual capacity for energy so that in turn, the organizations they belong to can grow and optimize their full future potential.


Through our Vitality Program at the Taylor Group, we’ve seen some incredible turnarounds in lifestyle and well being. From a recent test study, we were able to see a 100% success rate in controlling diabetes, and 55% of participants had lower Blood Pressure. More importantly, they reported a 73% increase in activity outside of the program, showing that the benefits continue once you leave our Vitality studio. Energy fuels productivity over the long haul, and it’s important that we create an energy source that is sustainable. Vitality coaching has been proven to not only support in creating a sustained source of energy, but has proven to diminish stress symptoms that could be holding you back in more ways than you are aware of.


Here are some simple steps to help manage your energy level:


  • Make healthy foods for energy choices
  • Get enough sleep for your body
  • Take 3-5 deep calm, mindful breaths every hour
  • Implement movement daily in what you enjoy – walking, yoga, gardening, paddling


Socrates once said “Human excellence is a state of mind” and we’re here to help you create the energetic mindset that allows for excellence to show up. And there’s much more to energy than just productivity in the office. Here at the Taylor Group we work with you to create a personalized plan, specific to your needs, which in turn generates a sustained energy practice that can be used in all parts of life. We promise that you’ll walk out with sustainable training practices to stay energetic and vital, in all settings and circumstances.