Sustained Energy 102: Neurofeedback

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.



When it comes to well-being, exercising your body and exercising your brain are equally important on the road to sustainable energy. All the noise in your head, historical assumptions, societal rules, family roles, etc. all keep us from being present in the moment. We spend so much time listening to these thoughts that we become totally unaware of being run and controlled by the stories we’ve built from the past. We use many techniques at the Taylor Group to quiet the noise and regain control over our own story. For many years, with many clients, we have had particular success with neurofeedback through NeurOptimal®. This unique training supports you in creating space between your thoughts, and allowing you to make different choices from a place of presence. 


As part of our energy work here at the Taylor Group, we believe Neurofeedback plays a crucial role in taking the edge off of unwanted qualities you’ve developed in your life and enhancing the best in you. This in turn can improve overall body function. As other neurofeedback practitioners have noticed: “Many professional athletes utilize neurofeedback to enhance their sports performance, including members of the US Olympic Ski Team, Olympic beach-volleyball player Kerri Walsh-Jennings, and members of the Italian soccer team”. Some athletes have credited neurofeedback as their “secret weapon” for performance. Aside from athletes, incorporating neurofeedback into your staff training can be hugely impactful in working through performance barriers that can be both costly and inefficient to your business. We’ve seen it first hand and can speak from experience: it works, and produces a high rate of return in keeping teams grounded and effective.


When Harvard Business Review published one of their first articles about the brain training phenomenon, they stated that “based on substantial neurological research, neurofeedback promises to make you more effective at learning how to control your own brain to minimize distraction or stay in a productive state of flow”. Neurofeedback takes less than an hour to complete but gives you the chance to feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and clear headed, walking back into work with a presence that didn’t exist before. We’ve seen improvements in high-level executives, children, adults with disabilities, and many others. Neurofeedback can help you and your team become more flexible and resilient in all parts of life, while also furthering the promotion of relaxation and stress management.


Our mission in bringing neurofeedback into businesses is to help individuals find personal enrichment through passive brain training, and provide relief when people feel overwhelmed. Neurofeedback is safe for all ages, and is often used alongside our Vitality Training to produce lasting results that uplevel your health, relationships, and work performance. In keeping with our commitment to the whole person nature of the Taylor Group’s work, our Wellness Program is founded on the principles of: Eat Right, Train Your Body, Train Your Brain. Many other approaches to fitness treat these elements in isolation, so that energy spent improving your body comes at the expense of your mind or spirit. We do not believe in such zero-sum approaches. Only when all three parts of Self (mind, body, and spirit) are developed in tandem are you able to produce sustained high energy, and a more fulfilling life experience. We would love to work with you on a personalized approach for the overall health of your own mind, body, and spirit. Contact us for a free consultation to support you in your transformation.