Drawing from her training and experience in business administration and education, Danielle has been continually upgrading the Taylor Group’s systems and processes for client service since 2016. As course coordinator, she helps people get the most out of their work, both in the course room and through direct 1-on-1 support.

My Approach

I believe we all have different communication styles, flows in which we work best, and ways in which we make sense of the world. Teams and organizations are most effective when they take all of this into account while striving for ‘elegance’- where there is nothing to add and nothing to take away, either to the work product or the processes by which it is produced. It's not just about what you can bring to a business, but the manner in which you do it.

Ready to get beyond the obstacles?

Our Services

My Areas of Expertise

I focus on business systems and process coordination, making sure the business of the business is equipped for success. In addition to office management and client services, I provide impeccable course support, including training with individuals and small teams between full course sessions.

What's My More?

To help you uncover more of who you are. Your strengths, your mission, and how to leverage those best parts of yourself in what you do, to the fulfillment of your purpose and to the profit of your organization.