Kathy was a Taylor Group client for 10 years before joining as a staff member. She is dedicated to helping clients understand their own reactivity. Through neurofeedback, she helps people release the patterns created by past experiences that get in the way of their current lives.

My Areas of Practice

My work is far ranging, but it’s all associated with helping people heal and integrate body, mind and spirit. I specialize in neurofeedback, the Beauty Way group and retreats, shamanic training, spiritual development and other modalities.

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My Approach

I am absolutely dedicated to being one-on-one in the moment with whatever is there. I customize everything to the needs of my clients, understanding that those needs change over time.

My biggest insight since joining Taylor Group?

I've learned how to take life moment through moment. With the help of radical self love and the incredible support of my community, I learned how to support myself through Stage IV cancer, and I share that love and that understanding every day in my work here.