Liam has experience as a business coach with entrepreneurs and executives, and is a co-leader of the Emerging Leader Fundamentals course. He’s been with the Taylor Group since 2009, starting in an operational role, managing and developing Taylor Group staff before becoming a member of the coaching team in 2014.

My Areas of Practice

I train and develop our staff internally, work with contracted clients, and support our outreach and brand development efforts.

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Our process

My approach

I start by listening to people's concerns—their priorities, how they work with their colleagues, and what goals drive them personally and professionally. From there we can work together on developing an action plan that serves the whole person.

What's my more?

More capacity. More effectiveness. Working with the Taylor Group has taught me that you don't need to look up for leadership and big insights—sometimes you just need to look around. I think that approach makes everybody bring their best, every day.