Shelly has devoted her life to helping people achieve their goals in any life situation. By tapping into her rich body of knowledge and experience, she helps her clients access their talents, creativity and capabilities.


My Areas of Practice

I am interested in working with people who are committed to their personal development and continual learning. I focus on building and empowering successful communication and relationship skills both personally and professionally

I have a certification as an NLP Coach from the Neuro-Linguistic Programming University, am a certified NeuroOptimal trainer, and hold other credentials from a professional life dedicated to ongoing growth and development. I have also worked with Fernando Flores, founder of the Pluralistic Networks, and many other trainers and mentors in pursuit of that same commitment.

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Our Services

How I Work

I collaborate with each client to identify clear goals and objectives that organize life-scale change into concrete projects. The idea is to support and empower you in getting access to what you want, what you love, and what has meaning for you. From there, action happens, and progress comes with more ease and inspiration.

What's My More?

Moving beyond habits, stories, or interpretations, and the ability to open up new worlds, are the skills necessary to navigate the world in which we now live. I work with people to connect, or reconnect, to what inspires and holds meaning for them.