Thanksgiving Vitality Challenge

Thanksgiving Vitality Challenge

We’re inviting you to join our staff and Vitality Coach Lori Jorgenson for a wellbeing challenge! The goal is to sustain and improve your overall health and wellness through the Thanksgiving holiday. This is often the time of year people’s wellbeing starts to suffer from a combination of being indoors and holiday stress, things we feel even more acutely in a pandemic year. This is a chance to resist those pressures, and build momentum for a healthy 2021.


The challenge will go from Monday, November 23 – Sunday, December 6 and is based around “Movement days” and a focus on hydration. Keep track during the coming 2 weeks of your frequency of the movement and hydrations days following the guidelines below, and report them on December 7.  Prizes will be given to those with the most consistency, no matter what your starting fitness level.  To join the challenge, email We’ll send you a method of reporting your efforts.


Movement Day Options

The program calls for 5 “Movement days” per week for 2 weeks, using the workouts below. Pick any workout that works best for you, or try a combination of them. It is important to include recovery days, therefore 1-2 days to rest and recover. Don’t forget to perform proper warm up prior to these exercises!


  • Body Weight Strength Training and Conditioning (2 times/week)1-3 sets:
    • Push Ups X 5-10
    • Jumping jacks X 10 OR Jump rope 30 seconds
    • Squats X 10
    • Repeat 4-6 times


  • Cardio, 10-30 minutes:
    • Outdoor walking, including some stairs and hills along the way
    • Indoor:
      • March 30 seconds
      • Jumping Jacks 30 seconds or stairs X 2
      • March 30 seconds
      • Speed skating 30 seconds
      • Repeat for 10 minutes or 5 rounds


  • Core Circuit, 2-3 sets:
    • Plank, 30 seconds
    • Bridge, 30 seconds
    • Bird dog, 5-8 each side



Daily Hydration 

For hydration, track your water consumption with the goal of half your bodyweight in ounces daily.  This may be challenging, go for it and see what you notice!


  • Examples:
    • If your Body weight is 150 lbs., your daily water consumption would be 75 ounces.
    • If your body weight is 130 lbs., your daily water consumption would be 65 ounces.
    • If your body weight is 210 lbs., your daily water consumption would be 105 ounces.


Let us know if you have any questions. Have fun with this.  Have the family join along!!!