The Business Case For Communication Lab

Over many years and with hundreds of clients, the Taylor Group’s Communication Lab has served as a foundational course for people seeking to understand and upgrade their communication skills. The skills in this course are particularly relevant in a business context. Course participants learn to move beyond the bare mechanics of information transfer, to a practice of listening, discovering and creating. This course has a consistent track record of improving team morale and company culture for its participants, while instilling the essential leadership development principles to stay competitive in an evolving marketplace. In a knowledge economy where innovation and collaboration are strategic advantages, investing in communication skills is a must for any organization.

These skills will be even more relevant in the years ahead. Disruptive technologies, savvier and more discerning consumers, and a marketplace impacted by global social and political trends will demand managers be more nimble and creative than ever before. In the emerging future, it will not be enough to react to events. Organizations must anticipate problems and trends, then position themselves to catch the waves forming out at sea. To do this across large, dispersed workforces however, business leaders will need to follow many diverse streams of knowledge, tap into the collective wisdom of their teams, and forge strong partnerships with other departments. Communication Lab trains you to integrate all of these perspectives, and translate the resulting insights into action.


Our Approach

With the challenges and opportunities of this emerging future in mind, the course is designed around helping participants achieve the following outcomes:


Understand that powerful communication is the key to their success.

Managers in today’s economy must be communicators first and foremost. Cultivating relationships with internal and external stakeholders, making sure the right people are looped in at the right time, building a business case for the next strategic opportunity; all hinge on effective communication. Communication Lab helps participants observe how they speak and listen, then coaches them on how to shape their approach to better align with the results they want.


Effectively use communication as a tool to coordinate action

Companies today need to move nimbly and with the most efficient use of their resources. Employees who coordinate better waste less energy on lack of clarity, float times, and other barriers to results. This course distills the elements of good communication down to a simple, flexible set of principles that can be applied in any business context. The result is a common language for action that keeps everyone in momentum towards the goal.


Able to use communication to resolve problems.

Being able to quickly resolve problems, especially those involving mood and morale, takes finesse. In a tight labor market where it’s much easier (and cheaper) to retain quality employees that train new ones, having managers and team members who are effective, empathetic communicators becomes even more important. Communication Lab  draws from the Taylor Group’s extensive experience in both executive coaching and personal development to teach critical skills in people management. Integrating diverse perspectives, meeting their team’s needs, and being more fulfilled at work are all areas of focused development in this course.



As mentioned above, Communication Lab has positively shifted morale and strengthened culture in companies of many sizes, and across industries. The examples below demonstrate a common trend for course participants. They begin working with us in response to a problem, then quickly transcend it and begin more effective work practices. Very often, groups of people participating from the same company go on to form a cadre of committed leaders, whose communication practices then ripple out to benefit the wider organization. While geared towards professional concerns, participants frequently report personal growth as well, as they apply the principles to other areas of their life. Here are some of the results our clients have produced out of this course:


Company #1

One team member characterized the shifting dynamic on their team after the course as having “removed the toxicity”. Another shared the following about a disagreement in a meeting, concerning how the team should approach a project:


“I know I cannot change what is happening, I can only change my own reaction…. I just wanted them to understand where I am coming from. The group reacted positively to me calling it out like that, and it felt to me like the tension lifted.”


Company #2

We had our entire staff take the Communication Lab as part of a re-invention of our brand and company.  We were able to innovate our customer process in such a way that we produced more revenue and increased our profitability by 30%.


“I learned how to look at the cycle of our customer engagement so that both staff and clients were more satisfied and fulfilled”



In a rapidly evolving economic landscape, business leaders who can communicate with empathy and efficiency will stay ahead of the curve when it comes to retaining talent, getting the most out of their teams, and positioning their companies to seize strategic opportunities in real time. Communication Lab has instilled this capability in hundreds of rising business leaders over the years, using a simple, accessible framework that anyone can use.

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