Why You Need A Coach

Why you need a coach

The holidays are bearing down on us quickly, and before we know it 2021 will be complete. For too many people, these last few weeks of the year are a source of stress. We can come up with plenty of good reasons for anxiety or fear; we’re waging a twilight struggle with COVID, contending with inflation, supply chain, and labor shortages in our businesses, and the general mood out there can be characterized somewhere between ‘pessimistic’ and ‘surly’. It would be easy to rationalize all this by saying we’re simply living through bad times and all there is to do is soldier on. The Taylor Group, however, is committed to a different conversation. 


Our coaches believe that something better is always possible. We start by being realistic about your specific circumstances, taking stock of both your opportunities and challenges. Fear is the mind-killer, and our coaches help you move through it quickly and return to a mindset of creativity and generativity. From there we act as a partner to make sure you are leveraging your strengths, and continuously moving towards your goals. Through it all, we’ll keep you connected to who you really want to be in the matter. It is entirely possible to be productive and effective while remaining joyful, and we intend to help you strike that balance.


In a time of unprecedented disruption and change, having someone to help you stay focused while also keeping sight of the big picture is essential. As we will detail in the next post in our Future of Work series, we have helped everyone from large companies to solopreneurs, executives to front line workers through our business coaching. We are rapidly approaching a time when conditions in the market and society will make it essential to have an independent sounding board to sort through all the noise and remain focused on your commitments. We’d like to be that trusted partner for you.


If you’re curious about how a coach can support you, contact us using the form below, and one of our coaches will reach out to schedule a free, 30-minute conversation. Whether you choose to engage in a full body of coaching work or not, we promise the dialogue will produce value for you as you head into the home stretch of 2021. We look forward to hearing from you!